Success Stories

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Hi Robert, just wanted to let you know that my warts have all but gone ! I’m amazed. Thank you so much for treating me.

JC August 2018

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I struggled with the continuous pain in my should for 18 months and was beginning to believe that nothing would help.  But, just one Acupuncture treatment and the range of movement is so much better and the pain not so heavy.  Thank you so much.

HT 10th August 2017

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Just wanted to let you know my arm continues to improve. I’m really delighted and found you explanation of the Acupuncture treatment easy to understand.  Thank you so much.

CC 26 June 2017

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To Robert: “Anxious” …I dreaded going to hospital, for my treatment and have tried so many ways to overcome this. Thank you for showing me how ear seeding and the Shen-Men point could help.


IF 3rd Sep 2015

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To Robert: “Hot Flushes” … Just warm spells now, thank you very much.

JS 1st Sep 2015

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To Robert: I was very surprised, but pleased, now my Acid Reflux has gone and after just one treatment, particularly as this was not the main reason I decided to have some acupuncture. I look forward to seeing how my other issue is sorted out. Thank you.

D C 6th May 2015

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To Robert: Thank you for my excellent Acupuncture and Reflexology treatment yesterday, it worked a treat and I had an excellent night’s sleep.

Sue M 23rd April 2015

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To Robert – Reiki: Thank you for all your support, advice and Reiki this year.

Becky M 23rd December 2014

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To Robert – Reiki: Thank you so much for a wonderful treatment. It’s really helping. I walked out and could appreciate the beauty around me.

Anne S 1st December 2014

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To Robert – Acupuncture: To be free of the pain down the side of my face at last, is such a relief and after just one treatment is fantastic. Thank you.

Maureen B 4th November 2014

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To Olivia: Thank you for the treatments that you have given me – my feet have never looked and felt so good. The Verrucae treatment has been very effective and painless – fantastic.

Lauraine Mitchell – 26th October 2014


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To Robert: I went to visit Robert in his practice with a rather painful foot. I still have no idea what was actually wrong with it, however it was causing discomfort, even to walk. With Robert’s professionalism and individualised approach, an hour and a half later, I walked out pain free!! Yes!!! I was a tad shocked too!! Huge thanks Robert.

Sadie – 16th October 2014


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To Robert: Thank you for all the help and support you have given me on the Forever Clean 9 and with the treatments. I cannot believe the difference. Thanks again.

H – 5th August 2014


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Thank you for helping me fulfil my dreams (Relating to treatment in support of IVF).

LS – 12th December 2013