That “FOREVER” Thing

I smile when I’m asked if I’m still doing that “Forever” thing. You see, I’ve never “done” that “Forever” thing as some refer to ‘it” as.

I source a range of products from a Company called “Forever Living (UK)”. I buy directly from the Company at a “Wholesale” price of 48% less than their recommended retail price, which allows me use products in my clinic at a very generous price and also to have a reasonable profit on all sales that I make.


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There is a strict Code of Conduct, issued by the Direct Selling Association, which I have to adhere to, to ensure the good name of the Company and it’s reputation is not put in jeopardy and in return for this, I am allowed to call myself a “Forever Business Owner”, use the Company Branding and Literature. There is so much more I could mention, but I will conclude by saying the voluntary support and training I have received from this Company are extremely high, as can be expected, as this Company hold the Investors In People (IIP) award at Gold Standard.

In summary, I am a self-employed proprietor of a private health clinic. An element of my business is a retail outlet for Health and Nutritional Products. I source these products from “Forever Living (UK). I have also decided to take full advantage of a business opportunity that the Company offer and I now Sponsor and Mentor like-minded people to establish their own business, under the umbrella of “Forever Living”.

So, you see, I don’t just “do” that “Forever” thing. “Forever” is an aspect of my business working in harmony with my clinical practice and I would be very happy to chat through the benefits of treading this path for yourself, or someone you know.

Just get in touch.